Book Tag • Mid-Year Freak Out

It's that time of the year! Mid-Year Freak Out time. I've been seeing this pop up in my YouTube subscription box more and more over the past couple of days, so I think it's time I finally get to writing my own. ... but we are going to skim over the fact that this means … Continue reading Book Tag • Mid-Year Freak Out

Let’s Talk • Tidying My Goodreads Shelves

Tidying My Goodreads Shelves One of my goals this year was to buckle down and finally do a deep clean of my Goodreads account. I first found Goodreads back in 2013 and fourteen-year-old Rachel is a drastically different person to 2019 Rachel. I truly think that my account should reflect me in the most authentic … Continue reading Let’s Talk • Tidying My Goodreads Shelves