Monthly TBR • September 2018

September TBR:

Hey lovelies! I’m back again with another monthly tbr. This month is going to be a lot less planned out than last month. I have no trips or real Big Plans, so I’m hoping to have a really fantastic reading month.

Shadowhunters Catch-Up:


Last month, I decided to finally catch up on the Shadowhunters Chronicles. It’s my goal to be up to date with the series before Queen of Air and Darkness releases in December. I reread City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, and City of Fallen Angels last month and it was magical to be back in this world! This month I hope to finish TMI. I need to reread City of Lost Souls so that I can finally read City of Heavenly Fire. If I have time, I’d also love to read The Bane Chronicles and The Shadowhunters Codex.

Book Club:


I don’t think I am participating in any readathons or readalongs this month seeing how well I did last month (read: failed, epically) but I do attend a regular irl book club. Our botm is Mirage, which I could not be happier to finally have in my hands.


I didn’t quite achieve the goals I set for myself last month, so this month I don’t think I’m going to get too specific. Apart from my Cassie Clare Catch Up, I think I want to focus on mood reading this month. That being said, there are some books I might try to read.

On Hold:

Catch Up (Sept 18)

In the last couple of months, I have developed an awful habit of picking up books, reading (usually) between 10 to 30% of them, then putting them down and not picking them back up again.  I’d love to catch up on some of those books this month, if possible.

September Releases:

September Releases

These are probably my four most anticipated releases of the month.

  • Unbroken is an #ownvoices ya anthology with disabled, chronically ill and neurodivergent mcs.
  • Give the Dark My Love is meant to be the antihero story we all wanted and deserve.
  • Summer Bird Blue has an ace protagonist!
  • Check, Please! is a queer mlm sports graphic novel from an author of colour. Please!

September Sequels:

September Sequels

There are a few sequels coming out this month that I am interested in picking up. Monstress is my favourite graphic novel series, possibly of all time, so I’m hoping my library hold will come in asap. The rest I am not too stressed about – if I get to them, it’ll be a bonus.

October Releases:


One of my reader quirks? I like to try and read authors’ books in publication order – even if they aren’t related. All of these authors have books (or sequels) coming out in October so I’d love to be able to get to some of these as well.


What are your goals for September? Do you have any new releases you’re looking forward to or a series to smash out?? Any exciting plans?

9 thoughts on “Monthly TBR • September 2018

  1. Ooooh, what an excellent list! I love that you mentioned your quirk about reading in chronological order, because I get that way with certain authors, too. Like Rick Riordan – everyone keeps telling me I can come back and finish the Percy books after reading his newer series but I REFUSE, lol! Oh and Mirage was so amazing so I hope you LOVE it. ♥


    1. thanks destiny! ❤ exactly! some authors you have to read in a certain. everyone says that riordan’s newer stuff is wonderful and i want to read it eventually. but before i finish his pjo/heroes of olympus series?? never. i’m with you on that.
      ooh, that makes me even more excited to read mirage! i hope i love it too lol

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  2. I’m currently reading Mirage, and I am adoring it so far! The world is so well-developed, colorful, and unique! It’s great! Also, confession: I’ve never read the Shadowhunters. Derp. It’s funny cause as a blogger who focuses pretty much exclusively on YA books, you would think I would have read Cassandra Clare’s books, but nope. I should probably fix that…anywho, I hope that you were able to reach your September goals 🙂


    1. i adored mirage so i’m so happy to hear you do too! the world was so gorgeous and her writing exquisite. i am so keen for the sequel next year! and let’s not even get into authors we should have read and haven’t because oh boy, would i be called out then XD i do recommend cassie clare’s the infernal devices series but if they’re not your thing, don’t let people pressure you into reading them!

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      1. haha it is a bit of mess. she has quite a few series and they’re all like tied into one another in different ways. most people recommend reading them in publication order bUT i’m a sucker for chronological order and think tid is superior to all her other stuff so *pushes glasses up my nose* reading tid first is the right way imho.

        and wow, in this house we DO NOT MENTION THAT CURSED SERIES! in all honesty, i haven’t even watched it because it feels too much like blasphemy but it’s based on tmi series from what i understand?? so lots of people read tmi and then tid…. it’s up to you. hope that helps lol.

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