Introduction + 2018 Goals

An Obligatory Awkward Intro

Hi there. Hello! So. Welcome. My name is Rachel. You may have seen me around on Twitter or Goodreads but if you haven’t, hi.

I decided to finally get back into blogging! After the god awful year that was 2017, I needed a pet project and I missed blogging more than I could have imagined. So. Here we are.

Typed Truths is my new baby. I have no idea what I am doing and had no idea just how appalling my graphic designing skills were until now. But I’m trying. I am also not going to make a ton of promises about scheduling or post frequency because I don’t know how well I can keep them. As a whole, I have very little idea where this is going to go but (for now), this will be my own bookish blog – though I may also throw in some movie/TV show reviews on occasion (if y’all would be interested). I also may include some more personal/lifestyle stuff at a later date but for now, this is it. Welcome.

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The 2018 Plan

Like I said, 2017 was a messy, awful year for me on a personal level. And while reading – and the online bookish community – was a brilliant distraction from that (for the most part), one of the things that caused me a lot of additional anxiety was the state of my TBR. I know that sounds dramatic. Trust me, I know, but it is true. So I decided that I needed to make some dramatic changes in 2018.

One of them was to lower the quantity of my TBR… which leads me to the topic of this post: my 2018 reading plan. My bookish goal of 2018 is to get my physical TBR down to zero – and then maintain it so it stays under ten books.

But, Rachel, that is madness, you shriek. I know that, for a lot of people, a ten book tbr is abysmally small.  But let’s break this down a bit more so you can see why I think this is the best thing for me.

One thing 2017 made me realise was that I rarely read the books I own. I know it seems weird but I looked at my reading stats from the last few years and in each of those years, I tended to read over 70% of my books from the library (or my library’s Overdrive). Books I own never amounted to more than 30% of my yearly reads; and that 30% mainly consisted of my book club’s BOTMs that I bought and read straight away.

These stats made me realise that most of my physical TBR books sit unread for months, if not years (and not merely a year, but years plural). The more I don’t read these books, the older they get, the more I lose interest in them, and the longer they sit there. It is a brutal, unrelenting cycle.

Bringing this back to my point: it got me thinking. Obviously, I am not someone who uses their physical books as their TBR – like the majority of bloggers/BookTubers/readers I know – so what do my shelves mean to me?

Well, my dream is for my shelves to become my own personal library, a museum of books that I have read, a tangible collection of my bookish journey. *gags* I know, sappy af. But I adore that idea. I don’t want my shelves to be a reflection solely of my favourite books, just books that I have read. I want to be able to tell stories about each of the books on my shelves: where I read it, what I thought about it, what music I was listening to at the time, where I bought it, and most importantly? What it means to me.

I don’t get that from TBR books.

It also ties back to the point that I just do not have the money to be buying brand new books that I haven’t read (and therefore cannot guarantee that I’ll love). I like going to the library – or, on occasion, second-hand bookstore (since they are so cheap) – and taking a chance on random books. If I don’t like them, I return them and all is good. No money wasted. I cannot do that with bought books.

… so what does all of this mean? 

Discovering this was kind of a slap in the face. It seems silly to care this much, I know, but reading is such a massive part of my life. It seems wasteful to not be doing it right, ya know? Something is not working with my current purchasing/reading process so I’m making some changes in 2018.

When I first started thinking about all of this back in Sept/Oct of last year, I realised I needed to organise my physical shelves – so in Nov/Dec, I did a massive unhaul. As I did this, I also decided to separate my TBR books from my read books.

Because this pile is so ginormous and intimidating af, I’m making it my primary focus of 2018 to whittle it down as much as humanly possible. I have between 150-250 books on it atm but that number is kind of including sequels, kind of not, so it a bit up in the air. I know that I won’t get my TBR down to 10 books like I want to – not by the end of the year since I tend to read between 150-200 books a year on average – but I’d really like to try and get as close to it as possible. And to do that, this pile will be my goal.

I made a Goodreads shelf for all these books. If you want to check it out here, and let me know which ones you’d rec picking up first, etc. I’d love that!

Mini Goals:

Whew. That seems like a lot, doesn’t it? Is it overly ambitious? Definitely. But it is something I need to do.

… and to help me get that goal achieved, I’ve thought of a few mini goals to have running in the background.

First of all – and most importantly – I want 2018 to be the year I finally allow myself to DNF series. No more finishing series no matter what. If I loathe a book, I’m going to try and not read the rest of the series. This sounds easy, I know, but I’m a curious person and stubborn as fuck, so it’s going to be a challenge to get out of this habit.

I also plan on having a series/author goal per month. There are a lot of longer series that I will help me get my numbers up if I marathon them. Making a challenge of them gives me even more motivation. Some of the series I’d like to try to marathon are:

  • The Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassie Clare
  • The Elementals series by Brigid Kemmerer
  • Amanda Hocking Month: TyrlleKanin Chronicles, and her Watersong Quartet
  • The Iron Fey (??) series by Julie Kagawa
  • The Henderson’s Boys series by Robert Muchamore
  • The Chronicles of Ixia by Maria V. Snyder
  • The Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead
  • And treat myself to a reread to my fave series of all time: the Laws of Magic series

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Please feel free to introduce yourself and leave a comment below! What is your goal in 2018? What was your fave book of 2017? Link me up with your blog url or Twitter handle or something, anything, whatever you’d like.


10 thoughts on “Introduction + 2018 Goals

  1. Oh hey 😀

    Good luck on getting your physical TBR down! I’m going to attempt it again in 2018 like I do every year, but I don’t expect to make too much progress. We’ll see. I’ll be happy to get it down by 15 or so.

    Have you heard of the A Series A Month Challenge? I think that’s what it’s called. It might be helpful when it comes to motivation 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hello, amber! 🙂

      ahh, i feel your struggle. you don’t want to make resolutions you cannot keep but at the same time, if you don’t make them resolutions you don’t have as much motivated to actually try and accomplish them. i always promise to post more regularly on instagram and it never happens. whoops. hopefully this is the year it actually happens, though! best of luck with your tbr smashing.

      no, i haven’t heard of that but it sounds right up my alley. i’ll check it out. thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “Well, my dream is for my shelves to become my own personal library, a museum of books that I have read, a tangible collection of my bookish journey.”

    Rachel, you’re right… this is sappy. I love it. To be able to look at your shelves and recall all of those memories, good and bad, is cool. I imagine if you arranged the books in chronological order you would have a representation of your growth as a reader. Bet you didn’t think I could do sappy too 🙂

    I too need to read more of the books I own. Fortunately I have most of my books in digital format due to my life as a nomad. Unfortunately that makes it easier to forget them.

    Good luck!


    1. it’s so sappy lol but i think that’s why it took me so long to realise it. and omg, i adore that idea. i mean, yess, that is even sappier but i.. you’ve definitely got me thinking. i don’t think it’d work on my shelves but i love that.

      i feel ya on that. i’m not even thinking about my ebook library this year because the amount of books i own on there will make me cry.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Rachel, I don’t think I’ve met you before, but I am happy to meet you now. Good luck with your blog!I hope you can lower your to read list, it does sound like it’s important for you. It sure sounds like a very ambitious goal. I like your goal to DNF series, sometimes it’s just better to give up on a book or series than push through no matter what. Your list of series reminds me I still haven’t read the last Bloodlines book.


    1. Hey Lola! Thank you ❤ It is important to me so *fingers crossed* it'll happen. And I'm really proud of how well I'm doing with DNFing series atm. There is so much less stress when you don't have to worry about sequels you don't care about.


  4. I feel exactly the same about my TBR, in fact one of my goals this year is to buy less and read more of the books I own. I did a huge unhaul at the end of last year and culled my physical TBR to about 100ish books that I’m excited about reading. Last year I also stopped feeling guilty about DNFing books. If I don’t like them then I just don’t have the time to waste on finishing them. End of. Welcome back to blogging I look forward to reading your posts.


    1. wow, that’s amazing! go you! i definitely still need to do another unhaul soonish but i’m getting there. and i finally started dnfing books too and it is soooo freeing.

      and thanks ❤ it's good to be back


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