Late Newts (August) Wrap Up

Hey lovelies! 💛✨ ... so this is a little late. I took another unintended hiatus from social media but September has seen me crawling back, better than ever. Fingers crossed I stick around this time! but if you didn't know, August was the month of the Newts, the second round of the 2019 Magical Readathon hosted … Continue reading Late Newts (August) Wrap Up


WWW Wednesday • 11th September 2019

Hey lovelies! I have been looking into trying out some new weekly features to motivate me to blog more consistently and WWW Wednesday seems to have had a recent revival?? or at least, I am noticing my feed has been filled with a lot more people doing this lately! 

ARC Review • The Black Mage // Daniel Barnes & D.J. Kirkland

When St. Ivory Academy, a historically white wizarding school, opens its doors to its first-ever black student, everyone believes that the wizarding community is finally taking its first crucial steps toward inclusivity. Or is it? When Tom Token, the beneficiary of the school's "Magical Minority Initiative," begins uncovering weird clues and receiving creepy texts on … Continue reading ARC Review • The Black Mage // Daniel Barnes & D.J. Kirkland